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Why every doctor needs their own website

A website has become an integral part of modern medical practice

Ideally, every doctor and clinic should have their own website , where their patients can find reliable updated information on their health problem . A website allows doctors to showcase their talent and grow their practice ethically. This will help patients as well, who will become aware of what medical facilities are available in our local area.

The transparency which the web imposes will help to improve the doctor-patient relationship, by allowing much more open communication between doctor and patient, and cutting out the middleman. Interacting with patients online will help doctors to become more patient-centric and empathetic.

Our aim is to bring every healthcare, medical professional to digital space

A website is not an advertising but it is a requirement of your patients

Some doctors are worried that having their own website may be misconstrued as a form of advertising. However, the internet is a very valuable means of educating patients, and doctors need to be in the forefront of providing reliable information to their patients. After all, if doctors don’t take responsibility for educating patients, then who will ? for the current situation in Kerala, only 2% of the patients can interact with doctors with one & only midum 'Contacting doctor by phone' this is a very hard task to them, spending hours hunting for information from their doctors.

The key to a doctor’s success is his ability to keep his patients happy and to provide them with excellent medical care . A clinic website allows the doctor to provide many value-added services for his patients.

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The key to a doctor’s success is his ability to keep his patients happy and to provide them with excellent medical care

Medical Practice Web Marketing

Doctors can use their website to serve their patients round the clock , making their website a valuable support/contact center. Times have changed and medical practice has become competitive ! Patients want a lot of handholding – and since a doctor only has 2 hands and 24 hours, it can be hard for him to do this properly when he is very busy. This is why he should invest in a website, to help him take better care of his patients ! The website allows doctors to answer patient’s queries by email or call them back when doctor is free. Patients are thirsty for information about their illness, and many will use the internet to find information. Patients have become demanding and many will spend hours hunting for information, in order to help them to get better. Even illiterate patients do have relatives who can do internet searches for them ! However, most patients would much rather get information from their own doctor, and if doctors provide this information on their website, their patients know they can trust it.

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Delivering more care remotely will be critical as COVID-19 races through communities

By deploying telehealth solutions and programs, people who are suffering from other medical ailments during this time can receive care from home, without entering medical facilities, minimizing their risk of contracting the virus

The Out patient physicians are working tirelessly in the frontlines at ground zero the telehealth can able to divide the patients into the at-risk and not-at-risk groups. Appropriate measures can then be taken to minimize the risks to healthcare workers and patients.

The right actions can then be taken for the patients who have been pre-screened, saving precious time and minimizing risks of transmission to all. Many chronic patients can from home have scheduled video consultation to avoid face-to-face clinic visits and hence minimize their risks of exposure to COVID-19, or any future pandamic.

Telemedicine is making a very positive contribution to healthcare during the pandemic, and is being used in a variety of ways. 

As the COVID-19 virus wreaks havoc with the healthcare system, telemedicine is stepping up into the spotlight and helping healthcare provider organizations and doctors better respond to their patients. during this global pandemic, telehealth is emerging as an effective and sustainable solution for precaution, prevention and treatment to stem the spread of COVID-19.


Telehealth is bridging the gap between people, physicians and health systems, enabling everyone, especially symptomatic patients, to stay at home and communicate with physicians through virtual channels, helping to reduce the spread of the virus to mass populations and the medical staff on the frontlines.