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Medical Webdesign Approach

Medic Website design provides the turnkey web solutions to medical industry in building successful Websites and practical Communication Platform for physicians, medical practices, and medically related businesses.

We provide high-quality, patient-centric web platform to deliver care from the hospital to the home.

We design, support and market custom medical websites for Physician, Clinics & hospitals with user friendly mobile optimized medical websites.

Virtual care to rapidly respond, treat, and minimize exposure to COVID-19 for patients at home, as well as in a healthcare facility helping your practice realize more revenue and lower operating costs. We go beyond a medical website; we become a vital element in the success of your practice. 

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Online Consults

Custom build online platform that connects patients with Doctors at the earliest via chat/audio/phone/video. Patients can book appointments, consult in preferred languages, View health records, prescribe medicines and have easy access to diagnostic services

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Plan Your Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Healthcare Marketing, even if you’re happy with your current patient volumes, can’t happen without a planned medical marketing strategy to keep your healthcare brand at the forefront of people’s minds. Think of all the reasons someone might decide to switch healthcare providers, changes in the type of healthcare insurance, relocation, dissatisfaction with wait times, or just one negative experience. You are not guaranteed to keep up your patient volumes forever.

​Healthcare marketing is a strategy for doctors, hospitals, healthcare networks, health practitioners, caregivers, healthcare providers, and healthcare marketing executives. Rapid changes in the healthcare industry markets require agility and focus. You may have to hire outside help and plan for a larger budget than you have in the past. But in the end, it’s worth it for that peace of mind–and to see your patient population volumes grow faster than ever before! 

What we do
for Doctors ?
We are Connecting
Patients to Doctors
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build a website

We make mobile optimised stunning websites for Physicians, Clinics & Hospitals

doctors webdesign company in kannur

Payment Online

Once appointment fixed, Patients can make the Payment Online to Doctors Account

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Patient records upload

Can upload previous prescriptions, lab reports, or any Disease specific documents 

medical website design company

Online Booking

Patients can schedule appointment for direct visit or for Online Consultation

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Appointment Tracking

Doctors and Patients can Track their Appointment on Google Calendar alert to email

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Patient tracking CRM

You can generate an online prescription and send to the patient by email

Evaluate the online patient experience

A decade ago, simply having a website was enough to impress prospective patients and help them find your healthcare brand identity. But now, a website is healthcare’s new front door. It’s the first thing patients often see, and if it’s not optimized for user experience, it may also be the last time a person considers your hospital or practice.

Put yourself in a patient’s shoes. If someone were to land on any page of your site, would they know your location, or your medical practices‘ multiple locations, and primary services in about 5-10 seconds? Would they be able to contact the right person quickly? Do the imagery and wording represent your healthcare clinic’s, or practice’s, average patient?

User experience is an important consideration in website design. But sometimes, designers are so focused on making the website look good, they forget to focus on the patient experience. We often find that websites need to be completely redone.


Skip the hassle of going to & waiting at the hospitals for minor ailments


Save time and escape traffic jams


Get quick second opinion on important healthcare decisions

Track medical records of you and your family

peace of mind from pandemic sreading threat

The Importance Of An Online Presence For Physicians

While healthcare remains a primarily offline industry with the majority of services rendered during in-person office visits, the rise of telemedicine and other advancements in digital technology are increasingly bringing the field online. As both patients and medical providers utilize the internet, smartphones, and social media regularly, research implicates an increasing value for physicians to maintain a strong online presence in order to attract patients, strengthen visibility, and share relevant medical information.

Building an online presence is essential; marketing yourself and your practice can help attract clients and patients, increase social media following, and help establish a brand. Having positive reviews, interesting content, and helpful information can distinguish one provider’s profile from another, ultimately boosting their chances of being selected by patients. Moreover, the advent of digital tools, such as social media, allows clinicians an incomparable communication platform for spreading awareness and information, as well as the power to reach and influence a global audience.